Plas Bodfa Books

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Installation Title – Circulus Plenus or Full Circle.
A group of five, female artists submitted a proposal for the Plas Bodfa ‘Unus Multorum’ exhibition. Using the theme ‘one of many’ the collaboration of women completed five sketch books, on a common substrate: paper. The themed books were passed on in a circle, every week, for ten weeks: response to Plas Bodfa, Tribe, Repetition, Ink, Texture. At the end of which, there was collectively, 50 creations within the 5 books. Had the exhibition gone ahead the books would have been displayed on a vintage dresser with mirror. The installation was to include drawings and sketches flowing out of the drawers. In keeping with the exhibition concept, the artists’ names would have been presented for the installation, but the individual works would remain anonymous as they have been in the videos, but equal works from each artist is present in each book. It brings together women in a circle (Circulus Plenus), similar to traditional creative female gender groups of the past. It repeats the number five, echoing the number of families that once lived at the premises, but also the idea of repetition, ritual and strength in unity through a variety of life experiences.

Plas Bodfa House
Plas Bodfa Ink
Plas Bodfa Repetition
Plas Bodfa Texture
Plas Bodfa Tribe

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