Transience of Time

I know the title sounds like a cliche, but I wanted to share three websites that normally would have no connections to each other: except in this instance, for time.


If you visit Edmark’s site you’ll come across some inspiring Samuel Johnson musings about the passing of time and the effect it has on us. These sage additions are surprisingly relevant to our modern day living despite them being traditional handwritten “blogs”.

In contrast, the following artist uses photography to capture the passing of time: . In particular he has an eye for choosing people with exceptional facial characteristics. And I don’t mean just the older sitters, as intriguing as they are. The way he has captured the various groups of youths involved in cultural responsibility is a capture of a soon to be lost time.

I was also impressed by website. His persistence and dedication, not just to photography, but to the music industry over time, is phenomenal. However, his support and encouragement to other artists, even if it’s to say “create”, is so important, and yet ironically requires him to use up his personal time to reach out to others.

Three seemingly different contributors connected by time.

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