Due to Covid-19 and the cancellation of the students’ Degree Exhibition, my work was installed in our garage and photographed for online presentation.

The work for this exhibition explores constructs of female identity. How our experiences fragment, layer and form over time to establish a sense of self.

Through materials and objects, the work investigates how autonomous the assemblage of this self actually is and considers what toll the act of becoming has on the individual and society.

Mae fy gwaith at yr arddangosfa yma, yn archwilio lluniadau o hunaniaeth fynwaidd;  Syt mae yr darnau o’n profiad yn haen a ffurf dros amser i creau synnwyr o’n hunan. 

Trw deunyddiau a gwrthrychau, mae fy gwaith yn ymchwilio syt ymreolaethol ydi yr cydosod, ac yn ystyriwch beth ydi yr gost o’r weithred o ddod ar yr unigolyn a’r gymdeithas.

Link to students’ Coleg Menai Degree Show Exhibition Website: HERE

Link to Rene’s Coleg Menai Degree Show Page: HERE

Link to Rene’s art Instagram page HERE

Link to Rene’s college student blog with analysis: HERE

Artist voice over of work

“One is not born, but rather becomes, woman.”

Simone de Beauvoir

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